Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sometimes you just need to blow your own trumpet...

As part of my journey of becoming a person of unlimited self-esteem, I decided to write a list (or two), of things that I can do well and that I am proud of. 
I am generally my harshest critic, so putting it together was a pain, but I think it's important if I want to learn to truly appreciate myself. 

Ten things I do well

As a teacher:
I care about children
I care about my subject
I am hardworking
I am always there for the children if they need me
I ask for help and advice if I feel lost
I can accept when I’m wrong
I am very organised and efficient
I am a team player and am always happy to help others
I want the best for the children
I am imaginative and have a sense of humour

In general:
I can cook really well
I can sing
I can belly dance
I am very good at languages
I am a good friend
I am generous
I like being nice to people
I can put my foot behind my head
I am actually pretty decent at drawing
I can chant really fast

What are your "Ten things..."?

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