Saturday, 26 July 2014

Buddhist quotes - July

After the most stressful three weeks to date, I am finally on holiday and in the island of the three promontories. This, for me, is the land of endless sleep and lazy days, of sirocco and drinking books one after the other, and, incidentally, the land of absolutely crap internet connection.

So, here's a itty bitty quote for July, which jumped on me during a study session a few days ago. This quote shows clearly how awesomely badass Nichiren was.

It's from The three obstacles and four devils, a Gosho written to the youngest of the two Ikegami brothers around 1277.

Recently your elder brother Uemon no Sakan was again disowned by your father. I told your wife when she came to visit me here that he was certain to be disowned again, that I was apprehensive about how it would affect you, Hyoe no Sakan, and that she should be prepared for the worst. This time I am sure that you will give up your faith. If you do I have not the slightest intention of reproaching you for it. Likewise, you should not blame me, Nichiren, when you have fallen into hell. It is in no way my responsibility. It is an undeniable fact that fire can at once reduce even a thousand-year-old field of pampas grass to ashes, and that the merit one has formed over a hundred years can be destroyed with a single word. [emphasis mine]

Which continues on the theme of my previous monthly quote.

Farewell, readers, I go back to sleep.

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