Sunday, 21 April 2013


This morning I was bored and mooching about on the internet. The plans for the morning are to do a long, sweaty bellydance session (my exercise routine has been disrupted by the holidays), a shower using the new citrus fruit stuff I treated myself to yesterday and calling some guy to buy a new mattress. None of this can happen for another hour (just had breakfast, you try and do undulations if you just had breakfast!). 

So, mooching about it is (well, also made a batch of gluten-free chocolate muffins with berry compote and put some chicken in a homemade garlic marinade, but that was before breakfast).

Sometimes the internet surprises me. Today I found the Sloganmaker.
It's an app that transforms any word you input into a catchy slogan. You can keep hitting the button until it produces something you like.

Let's see the results when inputting some Buddhist lingo.

And here is a picture of a cat. Just 'cause. Oh, my comments are in italics.

The words I chose are: Buddhism, Gohonzon, Fukushi, Juzu, Sanshoshima, Kosen Rufu, Human revolution, Sensei, Chanting, Lilacing, Gongyo, Daimoku.

It's wonderful, it's Buddhism. This is soooo true.

As necessary as Gohonzon. This should become a new idiom.

Fukushi, it's time for perfection. Oh, yeah, baby.

Strength, safety, style, juzu. Because, you know, you wouldn't want your juzu to break in the middle of chanting and accidentally injure someone. 

Sanshoshima - love it or leave it. This is true, in a twisted way. You end up loving your obstacles, because they kick you into action and show you you are making progress.

Let your kosen rufu flow. I love this one. 

Nonstop Human Revolution. It never ends, babes.

But also:

Human revolution is the only way to be happy. Whoa, this app is wise!

All you need is Sensei. Like, totally.     

Chanting is good for life. This should go on a poster.  

Another totally true one: Lilacing - best of all. 

Gongyo is your freedom. Remember that next time you come back home at midnight and think: "Darn it, I still have to do gongyo!"

And I will conclude with: 

Get more out of life with daimoku. 

Gosh, this is becoming addictive!

Happy Sunday! 


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