Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Hello, and welcome to my blog!

As you can see from my profile, I am a Buddhist, Sicilian girl with a couple of degrees in Russian who teaches Spanish and French in the UK (as you do). 

Now, onto what this blog is all about.

I will start from the title: “Fukushi”. A Fukushi, or “fortune baby”, is a child born and raised in a buddhist family. Nichiren buddhism, to be more specific. 

That’s what I am. 

As the time passes I find that my being Buddhist defines me more as a person than anything else I am. 

So the primary focus of this blog is to talk about Buddhist life, with references to growing up as a Buddhist kid in Sicily. I will talk about daily practice and Buddhist concepts, discuss my favourite study topics, share quotes and useful things (including downloadables). There will be the occasional meme and some stuff that is purely there for fun.

Most importantly, I am going to blabber on quite a lot about my personal journey and experiences, the way I use all of the above to become happier, which in Nichiren Buddhism we call Human Revolution

If you are not a Buddhist, you might find some of the stuff I do downright weird (and btw, when I talk about Lilacs, I don't mean the flower. Or the colour), but there will be explanations and links to follow.

Here is how this thing got started.

A few years back, I was in the Ukraine and I had a hopeless crush that was gnawing at me.

At the time I was writing a diary, and I wrote a lot of letters to this person, some of which I even sent, about all the things that were happening to me in the Ukraine.

After a lot of thought, I decided that all that stuff should not have stayed in my diary, and that it wasn’t really worth it to send the letters off anyway, so I decided to start blogging.

I created an identity, Ewa Munchkin, to sign my blog, and started off. Munchkin was one of the many nicknames that were given to me - I had all sorts: dwarf, evil dwarf, Gollum, hobbit, smurf, smurfette… yep, you guessed right, I’m short. Not an actual dwarf at 5ft1, but still shorter than average. I happened to like Munchkin more than all the other names, so I added a first name with a Slavonic feel (after all, I was in the Ukraine, and I’m a Russian major. Yes, I know Ewa is Polish, but I happen to also speak a little Polish).

Now loads of things happened to me after that, and my blog was more or less abandoned. Not that many people were really reading it, aside from the memes I started doing after a while.
As I decided to start blogging again, I realised I needed a clearer focus, so I decided to start a new blog, and with some luck, maybe people will start reading it.

I will add a disclaimer: there will be a lot, and I mean a lot, of random faffing about literature. No, I'm not trying to show off (ok, maybe a little), it's just second nature to me, and I have very few people I can actually talk to about these things, so I need some place to get it out of my system! ^^

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