Saturday, 30 September 2017

Say what?

Ok, so this morning I was supposed to host a Grade 1 Study meeting and nobody showed up, so I decided to go through this year's material and compare it with last year's, and see if I could recycle some of the revision stuff to make a new set for this year.

I come to the blog and realise two things:

1. Materials and questions are the same. Yay. I proceed to send links to this year's people and hope they find them helpful.

2. My last post here was ALMOST A YEAR AGO.

Say what? How did that happen?

I am surprised, disgruntled and dischuffed.

I am, also, not quite sure how to break the drought. 

If anyone who liked my blog has some idea of something they want me to write about, please help me out.


  1. Just drop by, is good blog
    Keep up the blog,do whatever u felt contribute to kosen rufu
    From A MD of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  2. Hi! I'm enjoying your blog... How bout writing a piece on the difference between Unity and Conformity?


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