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Grade 1 Study Exam - 2016. Section A1

Based on the material in Section A – Part 1: The Life of Nichiren Daishonin, you will be set seven multiple choice questions. The questions given below may or may not be set in the exam. They are examples of the format in which the exam questions will appear. 
In studying this course and preparing for the exam, please read each section of the material carefully, so that you could answer a multiple choice question on it. This section is intended to cover the key events and places in Nichiren Daishonin’s life.
Below are the examples in the study material, complete with answers.

EXAMPLE 1) What date was Nichiren Daishonin born?
(a) 22 February 1222 
(b) 22 February 1226 
(c) 16 February 1222 
(d) 16 February 1226

EXAMPLE 2) What declaration did Nichiren Daishonin make about Nam-myoho-renge-kyo at Seicho-ji Temple?
It is the sole correct Buddhist teaching for leading all people in the Latter Day of the Law to enlightenment.
No Buddhist teaching can lead all people in the Latter Day of the Law to enlightenment.
All Buddhist teachings are the same.
(d) It is the Buddhist teaching for leading people to enlightenment in their next lifetime.

EXAMPLE 3) What do we call the event in which Nichiren Daishonin was attacked and had his left hand broken?
(a) the Tatsunokuchi Persecution 

(b) the Komatsubara Persecution 
(c) the Tsukahara Debate
(d) the Izu Exile

EXAMPLE 4) Who was Nichiren Daishonin’s successor?
(a) Nanjo Tokimitsu 
(b) Nikko Shonin
(c) Shijo Kingo
(d) Nichimoku Shonin 

Below are some examples I created myself. These are without the answers. Feel free to put the answers in the comments

EXAMPLE 5) What is the name of the treatise Nichiren Daishonin wrote as a result of the many disasters striking Japan in the period he begun his propagation?
(a) The Tripitaka Master Shan-wu-wei
(b) The Opening of the Eyes
(c) On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land.
(d) The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind

EXAMPLE 6) Why does the Tatsunokuchi persecution hold such important significance for the Daishonin?
(a) It spurred the Daishonin to write letters of remonstration to government officials.
(b) In triumphing over this persecution, he cast off his transient status as an unenlightened human being and revealed his identity as a Buddha, possessing infinite wisdom and compassion.
(c) After this persecution, the Daishonin steadily gained followers.
(d) It prompted the Thukahara Debate, in which the Daishonin thoroughly refuted the erroneous teachings of the various Buddhist schools of his day.

EXAMPLE 7) What do we call the event in which twenty of the Daishonin's followers were arrested on trumped up charges and pressed to abandon their faith, resulting in the execution of three of them?
(a) the Tatsunokuchi Persecution
(b) the Sado exile
(c) the Komatsubara Persecution
(d) the Atsuhara Persecution

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