Sunday, 2 December 2012

Buddhist quotes

I am hideously busy. Tomorrow I need to wake up at 4 to go to the school trip to Barcelona I've been organising for the past year.

Biiiiig massive deal.

There is a ton of deep karma that has been moved by this situation, and one massive experience that is sort of coming together.

At the moment, however, I don't have the time to put my thoughts into words and write a proper entry for this blog.

I still need to pack my bag!!!

Because of that, I think this is the right time to start a new series: Buddhist quotes. 

Quotes are a wonderful thing. They are concise, dense nuggets of guidance that can be easily memorised and do provide enormous help when needed.

I have been comforted, soothed, right-kicked up the bum, guided and just generally made wiser by quotes (not that I am wise).

Just to prove (mainly to myself) that this is not just a quick way to get more entries in and keep up with my weekend blogging, but rather an experiment in faith and study, I hereby declare that the rules of the game are as follows:

1. For the next six months I will be quoting only the Gosho every week
2. I will not "steal" any quote from a quotation book, but take them directly from the Gosho.
3. That doesn't mean I can only quote from Goshos I have finished reading. Some of them are well long!

(clearly, if I happen upon a quote that I like, I reserve myself the right to find out which Gosho it is from, read more about it, and then quote it.)

Based on this, this is my quote for this week:

And now, that pesky suitcase...

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