Saturday, 21 July 2012

More songs

Today I went to an inspiration day. It wasn't in my chapter, but I happened to lilac with the vice action chief on Thursday and she invited me to go anyway.

It was a lovely meeting, featuring a lecture by the Men's Area leader on "making the impossible possible", two great experiences and (and here we go to the point of this post) a short entertainment provided by a Young Man. First he sang a song he composed and then his favourite SGI song "March towards the 21st century".

This song brought me back in time, to the 16th of March 2008. The 16th of March is an important date for the Youth Division (I should write on it sooner or later). That particular 16th of March celebration, aside from being the biggest Buddhist event I have ever been to, ever, was also the day when I realised and decided that I was never going to leave this Buddhism.

Here is a video of the song complete with lyrics, courtesy of SGI Malaysia. You can find the lyrics here.

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