Wednesday, 22 May 2013

One evil

I don't normally do this, but I really wanted to share this wonderful piece of guidance.
It's from "Humanistic Education", a section of The New Human Revolution v24.

I am studying this section both with the Education Division and as part of my Leader's training.
A friend of mine read it at a Youth Division meeting and around the time I posted my last entry I started messaging my friends to know where it came from. Every friend told me to ask another, until I almost gave up.

Then, since I have encountered an obstacle at work that I have decided to face head on (with great results I have to say), and I have finished the Dedicated study programme for the first year (oddly enough, I don't feel like reading other Buddhist stuff if I know I have my DL study programme to go through), I decided to dedicate the time running up to graduation reading this booklet I got when I joined the Education Division.

And here it was, the guidance I was looking for!

Here it is:
Humanistic Education 6

On January 31, Shin’ichi attended a gongyo meeting for the Soka Gakkai Tokyo No. 1 Headquarters young women’s division greater block chiefs, consisting of representatives from Shinjuku, Minato, Chiyoda, Setagaya, Meguro, Nakano, Shibuya, and Suginami wards. The meeting was held in Kosen (Kosen-rufu) Hall at the Soka Culture Center in Shinanomachi, Tokyo.
    Shin’ichi began his speech by reading a passage from the Daishonin’s treatise “On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land”: “Rather than offering up ten thousand prayers for remedy, it would be better simply to outlaw this one evil” (WND-1, 15).
    “This passage tells us that in order to attain prosperity and peace for our society, rather than debating various methods and programs, it’s better to first of all put an end to the ‘one evil’ of erroneous beliefs, the fundamental cause of all unhappiness. This also applies to our own lives as individuals.
    “For example, let’s say there’s a person who gets sick because she doesn’t get enough sleep or otherwise take care of herself properly. That neglect of her health is the ‘one evil’ in her life. Unless she remedies that, no amount of proper nourishment will restore her to health. In the same way, there is ‘one evil’ that obstructs us from carrying out our human revolution and becoming happy.”
    Everyone listened intently to his words, their eyes shining brightly.
    “Your ‘one evil’ may be becoming careless and belittling yourself when things don’t go as you’d hoped. Another ‘one evil’ is blaming one’s own failings and unhappiness on others, and being unable to work together in harmony with others for kosen-rufu. The tendency to give up and try to escape every time a difficulty presents itself is another ‘one evil.’ There are many other sorts of these ‘one evils,’ depending upon the person.
    “The beginning of the challenge of human revolution starts with identifying the ‘one evil’ in your own life, deciding to eliminate it, earnestly chanting daimoku, and challenging yourself to succeed.”
Shin’ichi then told them that their time in the young women’s division is a vital period in their lives, because it’s when they build an enduring foundation. He stressed that if they wished to attain happiness in this life, it’s essential to train and polish themselves while young and eradicate the ‘one evil’ in their own lives.
    “Strike while the iron is hot!” as the saying goes. Youth who polish their lives will be able to forge the kind of character to overcome any of life’s hardships.
'Tis wonderful, don't you agree?

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