Saturday, 13 October 2012

Really really nice things kids say

I just wanted to make a gloating list, AKA a list of all the really nice things that happened to me since I started waking up at ungodly o'clock to chant in the morning.

One of my main goals for my morning chanting is to really feel my students' Buddhahood and profoundly respect their lives. I try to keep this quote at the centre of my thoughts:
You should rise and greet [them] from afar, showing [them] the same respect you would a Buddha. (Lotus Sutra, chap. 28)

So, here we go.
  1. My entire Y7 bottom set French singing the rules song on "Frère Jacques" with me directing them only with actions. Awesome.
  2. Kid from said bottom set French leaving my lesson saying "I'm doing this at GCSE!"
  3. Kid from Y8 Spanish saying "thanks for the lovely lesson, Miss"
  4. Kid I used to teach last year meeting me in the corridor and saying "I don't have you for Spanish this year, it's so upsetting!"
  5. More kids I used to teach last year saying they miss me.
  6. Y10 Spanish, upon me saying I miss being their main teacher, replying, "we miss you too, Miss".
  7. My Y9 not giving me grief once this year. And always leaving the lesson smiling.
  8. Y10 girl saying, "thanks Miss, I learnt stuff this lesson."

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