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Grade 2 Study Exam - 2014. Section A. Q5

This is part of a series of posts to share my preparation for the Grade 2 Study Exam that I will sit this coming November. 

This question is quite interesting and I am finding it a bit more challenging to answer, partly because the principle I am asked to explain is, well, self-explanatory, and partly because I love the story of the Dragon King's daughter and I know more about it than it is explained in the exam materials.
(btw about the pic below, I know that the Dragon King's daughter is supposed to be a child, but I like the picture).

Section A

From ‘The significance of the Devadatta chapter’:
A5 - Referring to the spiritual and physical aspects of enlightenment, explain the principle of ‘attaining Buddhahood in one’s present form’.

The principles of ‘the spiritual aspect of enlightenment’ and ‘the physical aspect of enlightenment’ in the Lotus Sutra teach that no matter what difficulties or challenges we may face, from the perspective of the most fundamental level of life, we have the right and the underlying power to attain the highest possible state of happiness.

The Daishonin continues that only the Lotus Sutra teaches the principle of attaining Buddhahood in one’s present form. This principle is showed through the story of an evil man (Devadatta, representing the Spiritual aspect of enlightenment) who is predicted to reach enlightenment and a female (the Dragon King's daughter, who also is part animal and representing the physical aspect of enlightenment) reaching enlightenment in her present form. 

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