Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Buddhist quotes - April

So, I am lying in bed after the most incredible month ever, and I want to quickly post my quote for April, just before the month will gloriously end.

I am dead tired and only have 32 minutes before midnight, so I will leave the account of this crazy April for another post.

In the meantime, here is a picture of a cat. Because, you know, cats.

I'm feeling a bit feminist (and cheeky) tonight, so here is my quote:
Since I have realized that only the Lotus Sutra teaches the attainment of Buddhahood by women, and that only the Lotus is the sutra of true requital for repaying the kindness of our mother, in order to repay my debt to my mother, I have vowed to enable all women to chant the daimoku of this sutra. (The Sutra of True Requital, WND, pp.930–931)
If you want to know more about the role of women in Nichiren Buddhism, please have a look at this post, where you will also find some further reading suggestions. (that was the cheeky bit, btw).

Adieu, month of April!


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