Sunday, 30 March 2014

A volte ritornano - Buddhist quotes

Ages ago, I had writer's block. I know, shocking. This never happens to me, aye?

And I had this great idea: I am going to create a series on Buddhist quotes! After all...
[q]uotes are a wonderful thing. They are concise, dense nuggets of guidance that can be easily memorised and do provide enormous help when needed. I have been comforted, soothed, right-kicked up the bum, guided and just generally made wiser by quotes (not that I am wise).

These were the rules:

Just to prove (mainly to myself) that this is not just a quick way to get more entries in and keep up with my weekend blogging, but rather an experiment in faith and study, I hereby declare that the rules of the game are as follows:
1. For the next six months I will be quoting only the Gosho every week
2. I will not "steal" any quote from a quotation book, but take them directly from the Gosho.
3. That doesn't mean I can only quote from Gosho I have finished reading. Some of them are well long!
(clearly, if I happen upon a quote that I like, I reserve myself the right to find out which Gosho it is from, read more about it, and then quote it.)
That was December 2012. And that was the only quote I published.


Now I have writer's block again. I was browsing my most popular posts scrambling for ideas, and I found that little lone quote post up there with the 12 most popular. Can't hurt to try again. This time, I am going to change the rules a little to make them more realistic. One quote a month will suffice. But I will add some notes about the Gosho I have chosen.
First quote to come!

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