Sunday, 4 November 2012

Grade 1 Study Exam - 2012. Answers and wrap-up

So, to conclude the series of posts on the preparation of the Grade 1 Exam I wanted to write a wrap up post.

First a reminder that the entire study material is downloadable from here, and there is a podcast you can put on you iPod and listen to on the train.

Here are all the posts I wrote, containing timelines, selected quotes from the Study material and my own ramblings:

Section A1 
Section A2  
Section B (quotes)
Section B (answers)
Section C
Section D

Finally, I prepared a single paper collating all the answers I wrote. Some sections (like Section A1 or Section D) are very straightforward and I'm quite confident I have the right stuff down. Some others are open to interpretation so please use this paper only as an additional tool to revise at the end of your study process, but take it with a pinch of salt because I could be entirely off the bat with some answers.

Answers for Grade 1 - 2012


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